The Steel Sports Coaching System guides how to coach for maximum positive impact: winning on the field and in life. Achieving success is more than winning championships, and that’s why our coaches play a valuable role in building character and teaching life lessons along with the Xs and Os. Your child will have a positive and fun experience while developing as an athlete and as a person through the Steel Sports Coaching System.


Our Kids First Philosophy

We put kids first meaning their rights and interests are our foremost concern. We also believe our athletes are kids first and athletes second, and they need the opportunity to be kids first before emerging into adulthood.

Teaching Life Lessons Through Sports

Sports is an incredible vehicle to build character, mold future leaders and teach life lessons. The Steel Sports Coaching System teaches kids there is much more to gain from sports than winning and losing.



Baseball legend and Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda was the inspiration behind developing the Steel Sports Coaching System. Coaching “The Lasorda Way” is Tommy’s belief in providing kids a positive and fun environment, an essential part of keeping them in sports so they can gain the character traits and life lessons that will make them successful in all walks of life. Tommy’s teachings of how to be part of a team and playing for the name on the front of the jersey are engrained in the Steel Sports Coaching System.



In-Depth Online Courses

Steel Sports coaches begin with the Foundations of Positive Coaching modules that focus on the company’s history, mission, vision, core values and culture along with its athlete centered philosophy. Coaches learn about developing a personal coaching philosophy and positive relationships with their players.


Coach Development Program

We teach all coaches to have a GROWTH MINDSET. Our coaches have access to live and virtual coach training sessions, support for sport specific education through national and international courses, and annual continuing education unit requirements.


Coach Mentoring On & Off the Field

We provide continuous observation, feedback and support. Our collaborative learning process includes regular on-field observations and mentorship program to help our coaches grow their skills. Coach Developers are established in each region to lead the way in mentoring and developing skills.

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