Coaching System

Coaching System

The Steel Sports Coaching System is our unique approach to ensuring the players and families we serve have an outstanding experience, and coaches play a valuable role. Your child will have fun while developing as an athlete and as a person through Steel Sports’ diverse programming.

Recruit. Retain. Reward.


The Steel Sports Coaching System starts with recruiting the right men and women to coach. Every prospective coach is rigorously screened to ensure they will be an important role model for our children. When examining our potential coaches, we look for technical skill, an ability to connect with young athletes and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our coaches create a positive learning environment and recognize the many genuine opportunities to teach life skills that arise in sports.

Once hired, coaches focus on our “Kids First” philosophy and are trained on the Foundations of Positive Coaching. This unlocks the skills to fully develop the athletic potential AND strengthen the character of our players by instilling the Steel Sports Core Values - Teamwork, Respect, Integrity and Commitment. Our coaches create a positive learning environment and recognize the many genuine opportunities to teach life skills that arise in sports.


The second pillar of the Steel Sports Coaching System is retention. We offer our coaches the chance to advance as professionals. They have mentors among our team of Coach Developers who evaluate their performance on the field, access to clinics and webinars, and they must complete continuing education units each year.


Finally, we reward our coaches with fair compensation, the chance to learn from and share best practices with some of the leading coaches in their sport, and career paths to keep them challenged for years.

Steel Sports coaches know they are part of something special. They have joined a culture emphasizing Approachability, Family, Fun, Opportunities and Staff. Satisfaction is high, and that contributes to the experience each coach offers on the field.

Let the Steel Sports Coaching System work for your child!



We believe that young people need the opportunity to be kids first before they emerge into adulthood. We are committed to creating and maintaining a space where growth and development can take place; a safe space where young people are free to be kids first.


We believe that the young people we work with are kids first, and athletes second. We are committed to focusing on each child’s personal development and to instilling our core values that will benefit them in sports and in life.


We believe that the athlete’s rights and interests are our first and foremost concern. We are committed to aligning our decisions and our actions with the rights and interests of kids first and everything else second.